Wise Women Events

Are you ready for a change? 

WISE WOMEN events are here to inspire and support your wisdom to:

  • Stay in rhythm with yourself
  • Fulfill your soul-filled purpose
  • Develop the future of financial well-being
  • Co-create with other wise women

Together, we can transform the world!

Wise Women Lead Program Series

Inviting all healthcare and wellness leaders … join us in early February to attune to the highest wisdom of your work and stay resilient and inspired. This unique program helps wise women leaders become masterful change agents in a world with new rules, new pressures and a new normal.

Program 1 – Renew Your Passion and Purpose

Begin 2019 with renewed passion and aligned purpose. Learn and play with mindful ways to strengthen your energy, actions and awareness to stay resilient and inspired.

Leave with a clear roadmap to move into your Best Year Yet.

Schedule: February 8 day retreat and continues with five online trainings. Register here

Private meetings are always available. Contact julie@move-as-one.com

Wise Women Leaders are creatives, healers, dreamers, encouragers, seekers, changemakers, connectors, motivators, achievers …

Move As One certification includes programs 2-4.  Program 2 = Improve Decisions with IEI = Intuition, Embodiment, Insight. Program 3 = Engage and Facilitate Others. Program 4 = Cultivate Whole System Change.

Programs 1 & 2 are free standing.

This program series provides you with proven, powerful transformation tools and games to strengthen, energize and focus individuals and groups. Be a masterful change agent within your organization or join our team of Move As One consultants for greater impact!

Why join our Wise Women events?

  • The conversation is rich
  • The women are wise
  • The insights are powerful
  • The game is fun!

Julie Delene is a transformation agent and the creator of the game. She will facilitate this moving conversation.

“The world will be saved by the western woman.” —The Dalai Lama 

I believe this and know you are a wise woman!

My intentions behind this offering are to:

  • restore the integrity of body, mind, heart and soul,
  • help balance our world with Divine Feminine wisdom,
  • nourish/develop our intuitive wisdom,
  • release old paradigms of confusion and blindspots,
  • heal wounds of imbalance,
  • enable self compassion . . .

And finally, align with love, and co-create a better world together!

Please see more from others…

Just wanted to let you know how beautifully today went.  It seemed like everyone benefitted in a big way.  You have certainly made this process a powerful one. You are masterful at facilitating the information and guiding us along the way.  Thank you.” —Carole Hyder, owner and founder of Wind and Water School.com

“It was so wonderful to bring my team to the Wise Woman game playing event. Julie is a fantastic facilitator and creates a space for teams to connect at a deeper level and explore what really matters. Our team was able to clarify purpose and direction not only for my organization but also for ourselves as individuals. We all left feeling inspired and grounded in next steps. Deep gratitude to have taken the time to have fun with my team, and to move and breathe together.” —Kathy Flaminio, owner and founder of 1000-Petals.com

“Julie helped me grow an idea into an actual business. Before working with her, I was fragmented with little jobs. Now, I’m grateful to be working with my mission and fulfilling my purpose.”
Katie Thune, Mad Hatter Yoga and Wellness