Wise Women Events

Are you ready for a change? 

Experience the joy of co-creating with other wise women to expand your possibilities while having fun.

WISE WOMEN conversations and events supports your wisdom to:

  • Stay in rhythm with yourself
  • Fulfill your soul-filled purpose
  • Develop the future of financial well-being
  • Co-create with other wise women

Join us for a FREE introductory event on the 34th floor of the IDS Center (parking is covered).

Register here for Tuesday, March 13, 4:30-6:00pm.

Register here for Thursday, March 22, 4:30-6:00pm.

Together we can transform the world!

What if your unique gifts were drawn out to meet what’s next with ease?

Play Your Wise Move, a Move As One game, to solve problems together and inspire a way forward. The game engages a collective wisdom through mindful movements, good questions, and creative conversation. It offers a fresh approach to move through blind-spots and gain new insights.

The game guides you through 5 Mindful Moves™ to tap into who you are and reveal what is most important. It aligns intuition and purpose to set intentions into motion. Leave feeling energized with renewed clarity.

Bring a topic you’d like to discuss and master-mind together. This fun, fresh approach brings awareness in the area you choose.

Next 4-hour dinner conversation for ten women (4:00 – 8:00pm) i:s

Wednesday, April 4th, Blaine, MN Register here.

Some topic ideas include:

  • Renew your purpose and wellbeing
  • Shape the future with your passion and purpose
  • Invest in the “soul of money” for greater impact
  • Heal rifts and support growth within others

Your Wise Move guides us all to play a bigger game.  In a few hours, break-thru obstacles, renew your passion and vitality and reach new clarity and focus.

Engage with other powerful women to share wisdom and cross-pollinate transformational solutions. Leave inspired to wisely move forward.

Why join us?

  • The conversation is rich.
  • The women are wise.
  • The home is elegant.
  • The soup supper is nourishing.
  • The game is fun!

Julie Delene is a transformation agent and the creator of the game. She will facilitate this moving conversation.

“The world will be saved by the western woman.” The Dalai Lama 

I believe this and know you are a wise woman!

My intentions behind this offering are to:

  • restore the integrity of body, mind, heart and soul,
  • help balance our world with Divine Feminine wisdom,
  • nourish/develop our intuitive wisdom,
  • release old paradigms of confusion and blindspots,
  • heal wounds of imbalance,
  • enable self compassion . . .

And finally, align with love, and co-create a better world together!

Please see more from others…

“Julie helped me grow an idea into an actual business. Before working with her, I was fragmented with little jobs. Now, I’m grateful to be working with my mission and fulfilling my purpose.”
– Katie Thune, Mad Hatter Yoga and Wellness www.madhatteryogawellness.com