Play Your Transition

Are you making a career or life transition? Have you lost your purpose and enthusiasm? 

Your Wise Move™, a Move As One game, guides you to align from the inside out and make empowered changes. As you attune your body, brain and breath, you develop clear vision and strengthen vital energy to move your life.

  •  5 questions  . . . to gain clarity and renew your passion,
  • 5 movements  . . . to relax into your natural rhythm,
  • 5 elements  . . . to attune to your innate wisdom,
  • 5 “ahaa” moments  . . . to move into your highest vision!

Leave with an inspired plan to wisely move forward.

Julie Delene assists you in revealing the passion and vitality to renew and unify, reach new clarity and focus, and create positive changes in your life, work and relationships.

In uncertain times, it takes continual listening, synthesizing and adapting to effectively move toward what is next. Being open means you are agile and responsive to your changing needs. Willingness to be in the unknown awakens a greater sense of purpose.

A note from Julie:

Many of us forget how powerful we are, that we are in fact, always creating. Often we get mired down by old systems, routines, emotions and paradigms that do not empower.

It is with great joy that I help people re-inspire their creative self and craft their unique work that is in alignment with their whole being. When you do, you feel beautifully integrated, purposely flowing and alive with energy and vitality.

The truth is we are always re-creating, so begin now to move your life. I promise you will experience great blessings, much joy and a delight in your creative spirit.

Blessings, Julie