Radio show topics

Healing Lymes Diseasequiet mind, brain awake

….and how to transform using All Wise Moves™. 

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I am one of the hosts. Each week on my radio show, we will explore the topics below for how to transform using All Wise Moves™.  Join me.

#1 – My Story of Healing

#2 – The Gift of Lymes Disease – healing old traumas

#3 – Being Present, brain vs. mind – with Kathy Flaminio, owner of 1000-Petals

#4 – Radical Acceptance, the traumas of our world – with Elaine Rasmussen, CEO of Social Impact Strategies Group

Additional Topics will include:  

Presence –  Know yourself, be present and observe

  • Skillfully let go the past, old memories, trauma…
  • Know thyself – profiling body language
  • Radical acceptance – don’t take things personally or blame others
  • Natural mindfulness – we are a movement of nature

Passion – Release resistance, broaden perspective, listen and renew from a generative place

  • Open heart and forgiveness – flip, float, flow
  • Release old paradigms
  • Refuel, laugh, explore YES AND…
  • Miracle of Breath – the water of life
  • Listen – nature speaks (levels of listening)

Purpose – Clarify your purposeful direction, lean-in to the emerging future

  • Gain clarity, stand tall, be intentional
  • Decision making – foggy vs. conscious
  • Discernment – greed vs. compassion, self focus vs. whole self
  • Words create – big vs. small talk
  • Healthy wealth, purposeful joy

Partner – Take action, engage others with aligned movement

  • Art of Engagement – how we move matters, how we speak matters
  • Who are good partners?
  • Dance of Joy – the sound of life
  • Too much fire – shiny objects can cause separation
  • Co-Create, ecoCreate – what does that mean?

Practice – Maintain efforts, establish ongoing systems, routines, support and sustainable efforts.

  • Walk your path with healthy habits
  • Nourish, support and sustain simple, wholesome living
  • Feng Shui your space, your life
  • Develop an Eco-Creative Culture – cultures of support
  • Play A Bigger Game