Online Remember Your Source

I’m excited to share with you interviews with wonderful changemakers who are making a difference in our world.

In our dynamic conversations, I pick cards from the Move As One game, Your Wise Moves™. The question for each changemaker is – “how do you remember your Source?

Please view the introductory video HERE. Following is a list of YouTube videos. Click to watch them.

Master Your Energy with Mary Zelmer, founder of Qigong Connection

Fully Showing Up with Mariann Johnson, a meditation teacher

Always Learning with Anne O’Connor, Metamorphix

Courage with Laurie Oswald, CEO of Best Year Yet and Effective Edge

Roots of Cultural Wounds with Katherine Curran, MN Center For Systemic Constellations

Listen With Your Skin with Barbara McAfee, Full Voice

When Bad Stuff Happens with Dawn Morningstar, Venerable Women

Be in Natural Rhythm with Kathy Flaminio, 1000-Petals

Embodiment with Emily Jarrett Hughes, Wisdom Dances

Changing Face of Church with John Johnson, Change Making Systems

My intention is to point to a practice that will support us all through these transformational times. The game helps to move the conversation in a healthy and meaningful way to stay resilient and inspired.

See the calendar for opportunities to play the game yourself. I wish to help keep you inspired on your unique path.

Why? We need awake, mindful, inspired, co-creative, well-intentioned people to bring about a better world. Let us all remain curious, compassionate and courageous.

With love, Julie