My story of healing

Brainsweep system techniques helped me heal Lyme disease as well as old traumas.

Healing Lyme Disease:

In July 2016, I began training with Brainsweep system techniques. Immediately, I noticed impact to my body and brain. At the time I didn’t know I had systemic Lyme disease for over 3 years. Now a year later and with other help, I have healed Lyme disease and the impact on my brain. Using Brainsweep, I was able to stop the spin of my mind and become present, quite easily. Now I can tell the difference between my mind and brain.

Letting go of unhappy relationships and old paradigms:

Daily, I use Brainsweep for all kinds of frustrations. Also a year ago, I was unhappy in a relationship that wasn’t working. Shortly after beginning my training, I was able to let go and found a new delight in taking good care of myself.

In fact, I noticed how poorly my mind was relating to others in specific situations. I could see the basis for these bad connections were built upon old thoughts, old paradigms that were not empowering.

These old paradigms, some from my religious upbringing, no longer have a hold on me. I simply “sweep” my brain free when I notice poor self-talk, and instead, respond in a more empowered way.

Healing trauma from loss of baby many years ago:

Using Brainsweep, I am able to heal old memories and old traumas that I didn’t know how to heal at the time. These traumas were still in my body and brain. After many months of Brainsweep training, I noticed an even greater calm and connection within myself, and I had been meditating for many years. Old memories from when I was young began to surface, and I was able to wipe them clear from my brain in the moment they appeared.

For example, memories of trauma from my senior year in high school began to return. At that time, I was dating my ex-husband, we became pregnant and married. A week and a half after our wedding, I lost our baby girl at 6 months. She lived for an hour and a half. As you can imagine, the trauma was significant and we didn’t have a way to process the impact. It changed our lives.

At that young age, I felt I had ruined my future since I was a straight-A, head of the class student. Now, the memory remains without the emotional impact, nor the old paradigms.

As I reflect on my process of healing Lymes, I can see the gift. It brought me to my knees so I would stick with Brainsweep and reach back to release old traumas within my body and brain. . . and I am grateful!

Helping with old age issues:  

My Mom has memory issues and the beginning of Alzheimer’s. My Dad has balance issues. Both of them are finding the Brainsweep technique to be helpful. My parents plan to practice every day together.

Recently, as I took my Mom and Dad through the Brainsweep process, my Mom opened her eyes and said, “this will help my memory problems.” I was grateful for her awareness. I could see the positive effects the technique had on her. She remains more present. Now I can direct her to reach for this as the symptoms of Alzheimer’s appear. We can sit down and do the technique together. She comes back home to her body.

If you’re interested in trying Brainsweep, you don’t need to have Lymes disease nor old age to gain the benefits. Learn how to do the techniques on Brainsweep radio show or schedule a private session, email Julie Delene (certified in Brainsweep). Investment is $130.

NOTE: These positive results are achieved without requiring the use of medications or therapy.