Engaging Games

Games for Human Engagement

Are you ready to play a bigger game . . . where everybody wins? 

Join us to play games for human engagement to break the ice and tap into your natural abundance. These fun, fresh, insightful opportunities guide us to “play” with obstacles, enrich interactions, deepen communication, and create the future together.

Using a combination of movement, music, play and creative conversation, we move beyond sticking points and open possibilities. These games are designed to improve agility, understanding, and responsiveness to people and all our games.

We laugh, feel inspired, and strengthen our connections. We all leave lighter, clearer, and wiser.

Engage these games for:

1) fundraising opportunities – a unique experience and an obvious exchange, 2) a volunteer “thank you” event to provide meaningful connections and conversations, 3) a new way to inspire healthy interactions between men and women in the workplace, 4) a customized approach to build your community.

Play with us!  Invite us to “move” your next event.

Julie Delene is a transformation agent and the creator of Your Wise Move, a Move As One game. She has synthesized move than two decades as a strategic management consultant with mindful eastern wisdom and professional ballroom dance to co-create organic growth for all to thrive.

Jim Robinson is a professor of psychology, performer and improv instructor for over 20 years with Brave New Workshop. As the founder of Table Salt Productions, he uses humor and improvisation to engage people and develop abundant mental health.

Dennis Curley is a popular performer and musical director for local and international productions. As a singer and pianist, he uses music and improv to stimulate creative expression, mindful movement, and great fun.

Others have said:  So fun! . . . The more we played, the more open and FREE I felt . . . Good flow and balance between outward activities and pulling in . . . Thank you! . . . Felt great to feel like a kid again and LAUGH! . . . Engaging and insightful . . . Thought provoking!