Engaging Communication

Are you tired of ineffective conversations and meetings? Would you like to improve creative collaboration with others? 

Your Wise Move, a Move As One game, guides healthy, meaningful communication to inspire and emerge the future together. The opportunity is to expand the vision for all to thrive.

If you are ready to “change the conversation“, the game offers creative play and good questions to ignite collective wisdom, enrich communication and master-mind a way forward. 

Groups (teams, couples, families, communities) engage in a powerful way . . .  the magic happens when you start this new conversation.

Please see more in this video.

“In the midst of a difficult situation, the game prompted my thinking in a new way that brought resolution.”

Julie facilitates:

Connect with Julie Delene if you are ready to:

  1. increase creative energy and renew purpose,
  2. hear each other and build bridges,
  3. release barriers and move through conflict,
  4. engage collaboration and empower actions, and
  5. awaken greater potential for all to thrive.