About Brainsweep

BRAINSWEEP is a vital lifetime skill that clients can easily learn within minutes! I selected this technique to share with others to easily and effectively release blocks when needed. It is part of the continuum of ALL WISE MOVES™ for how to empower, embody and further thrive in life.

Learn how to do Brainsweep by listening to the radio show or schedule a private session, email Julie Delene (certified in Brainsweep). Investment is $130.

The BRAINSWEEP Neurokinesis Intervention System is a precise combination of 6 (six) proprietary techniques that have been studied and reviewed by medical doctors as efficiently acting on the brain to eliminate symptoms of trauma, such as PTSD and hyper- anxiety.

These techniques quickly work to dramatically reduce the negative impact of being exposed to trauma inducing situations such as: natural disasters, physical injuries, accidents, war, violence, terrorism, and social issues such as rape or the “school yard bully” in social media…

NOTE: These positive results are achieved without requiring the use of medications or therapy.

Sweeping Your Brain Into Being

  • In 2011, Nano technology changed every aspect of what was previously believed about the brain by medical and science professionals.
  • New discoveries happen daily as the use of technology permits the ability to photograph every aspect of functioning cells in a live specimen.
  • Bringing “awareness” of the brain to the consciousness increases the brain’s capacity to learn to respond immediately to demands. 

About Brainsweep System Techniques

  • Brain modality is an immediate experience of results vs Mind modalities that imagine possible results to come.
  • Rapidly acts on the Neurons and Neurolgia.
  • Activates the brain to respond in the current moment.
  • Can be used as needed. Consistent use achieves long term results. Does NOT interfere with medications.
  • Resolves ALL forms of PTSD – Primary, Secondary, Floating plus Complex and Compound PTSD (NOTE: PTSD is not a mental illness.)

What can Brainsweep do you for?

  • Provide rapid, long term RELIEF from symptoms.
  • Clear anxiety, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions.
  • Eliminate the pain of bad or sad memories.
  • Improve your sleep and well-being without the use of medication, or other numbing agents.
  • Will eliminate the need for negative offensive/ defensive reactions to any and all forms of negative experiences.
  • Can be self-administered whenever it is needed
  • And so much more, according to a 60,000 client study….
  • Relationship resolution and enhancement
  • Financial security (earning potential reinstated) and more…