About Brainsweep

BRAINSWEEP is a vital lifetime skill that you can easily learn within minutes! It is part of the continuum of All Wise Moves that I teach to empower, embody and further thrive in life.

Since 1995, I have studied numerous healing, coaching and facilitation methods. I can honestly say that Brainsweep is transformative. The technique is simple and powerful!

Simple, because you can self-administer whenever and wherever you are. Powerful, because it works directly on your brain and produces results, and does NOT require your mind to believe. Using Brainsweep, you can easily and effectively release blocks on your own, which is quite empowering. Just do it!

Schedule a private session, email Julie Delene (certified in Brainsweep). Investment is $130.

The Brainsweep System

The BRAINSWEEP Neurokinesis Intervention System is a precise combination of 6 (six) proprietary techniques that have been studied and reviewed by medical doctors as efficiently acting on the brain to eliminate symptoms of trauma, such as PTSD and hyper- anxiety.

These techniques quickly work to dramatically reduce the negative impact of being exposed to trauma inducing situations including: natural disasters, physical injuries, accidents, war, violence, terrorism, and social issues such as rape or the “school yard bully” in social media…

NOTE: These positive results are achieved without requiring the use of medications or therapy.

Sweeping Your Brain Into Being

  • In 2011, Nano technology changed every aspect of what was previously believed about the brain by medical and science professionals.
  • New discoveries happen daily as the use of technology permits the ability to photograph every aspect of functioning cells in a live specimen.
  • Bringing “awareness” of the brain to the consciousness increases the brain’s capacity to learn to respond immediately to demands. 

About Brainsweep System Techniques

  • Brain modality is an immediate experience of results vs Mind modalities that imagine possible results to come.
  • Rapidly acts on the Neurons and Neurolgia.
  • Activates the brain to respond in the current moment.
  • Can be used as needed. Consistent use achieves long term results. Does NOT interfere with medications.
  • Resolves ALL forms of PTSD – Primary, Secondary, Floating plus Complex and Compound PTSD (NOTE: PTSD is not a mental illness.)

What can Brainsweep do you for?

  • Provide rapid, long term RELIEF from symptoms.
  • Clear anxiety, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions.
  • Eliminate the pain of bad or sad memories.
  • Improve your sleep and well-being without the use of medication, or other numbing agents.
  • Will eliminate the need for negative offensive/ defensive reactions to any and all forms of negative experiences.
  • Can be self-administered whenever it is needed
  • And so much more, according to a 60,000 client study….
  • Relationship resolution and enhancement
  • Financial security (earning potential reinstated) and more…